Since the olden days, steak has been a favourite among foodies around the world. A nice juicy cut of meat like this is one of the main reasons why some find it hard to give up on meat and become vegetarian. A lot of people eat steak, but they don’t know much about this mouthwatering food. Here are 5 things you didn’t know about steak!

1. Steak Origins

The word ‘steak’ literally means ‘meat on a stick’. It originated from Saxons the early Viking people from Northern Europe. They were skilled cattle rustlers and would call their meat on sticks ‘steiks’.

2. Most Expensive Steak

Kobe beef is the most expensive beef in the world. It’s a Japanese brand of Wagyu beef and when it’s raw this meat appears almost white due to its high fat content.

3. Is Strip loin the same as sirloin?

Depends where you travel. If you ask for a sirloin in a restaurant you will get strip loin. If you ask for sirloin in a butcher’s shop you will get rump. In the United States and Canada it is also known as strip loin, shell steak, Delmonico, Kansas City strip or New York strip steak.

Australian Striploin longhorn Pattaya
Australian Striploin longhorn Pattaya

4. Grilling is the Best

The chef’s most favoured way to cook a steak is to grill it! Since it’s a slow process, the chefs say that it helps to hold the flavour better. The coal gives a unique flavour of its own as well. But always remember to use tongs when grilling meat and not a fork. You don’t want to pierce the meat and let all those yummy juices out.

5. Best Temperatures

Everyone likes their steak in different ways. Some like them rare while some want them cooked all the way through! These are the perfect temperatures to cook your steak the way you like:

Rare: 50°C
Medium Rare: 55°C
Medium: 60°C
Well Done: 70°C

LongHorn Restaurant Pattaya welcomes guests into a warm, relaxing atmosphere reminiscent of a Western rancher’s home where friendly, attentive servers help them unwind and savor a great steakhouse meal. For 30 years, LongHorn Steakhouse has proudly served steaks, chicken and fish that are always fresh, never frozen. Known for its passion for grilling inspired by the American West, our steaks include the signature Norwegian Salmon Filet and the Australian Rib eye.

And there’s more on the menu than just great steaks, like expertly grilled fresh fish and fresh chicken. Enjoy specialties such as LongHorn Salmon, a fresh, hand-cut salmon fillet seasoned with a bourbon marinade; fall-off-the-bone tender Baby Back Ribs; and Parmesan Crusted Chicken, two juicy chicken breasts grilled and topped with a parmesan cheese and garlic crust.

fillet sea bass steak Longhorn Pattaya
fillet sea bass steak Longhorn Pattaya

Trip advisor reviews!     

“Fillet steak cooked perfectly mid-rare, served to me very quickly and efficiently”

“Steaks were perfectly cooked, the salad and soup were very tasty”

“I had the T-bone steak with French fries and garlic butter, it was fantastic.”

“We had petite pepper corn which was amazing and a smoked Salomon salad”

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